The magic mirror photo booth offers an unforgettable experience to you and your guests with the possibility to interact with it. The most technologically advanced mirror photo booth now in Thessaloniki.

Mirror Photo Booth

The magic mirror photo booth is here to elevate your events. Your wedding reception, events such as christenings, birthdays, store openings, corporate parties or events in entertainment centers change level and go beyond the usual. The magic mirror photo booth offers an amazing and unprecedented entertainment experience with a dose of magic and glamour at your events. All attendees will be impressed by the unique combination of technology and luxury of the most modern photo booth. It will surely be an unforgettable experience that will amaze all your guests….

How does the Mirror Booth work?

It uses a full-length mirror with a hidden camera and a beautiful frame that interacts with the guest through original video animations. Touching the mirror activates the virtual assistant and guides you through the process of either taking a photo, a voice contest or a video, with sound, picture, comments and rewards. Your guests have an absolutely fun, unforgettable experience.

Unlike the common




Mirror Booth takes full body photos. And they all fit!!!!
Choose for yourself on the home screen whether you want a full-body image or multiple shots in one print
The exclusive facial recognition system allows you to choose and place the digital prop that suits you and the right emoji for the occasion, and before printing you can draw your personal message with your finger.

Mirror Photo Booth Thessaloniki

More than just a Photo Booth?

A unique interactive experience, with the latest Photo Booth technology that takes the selfie experience to another level!
Photos, GIFs or videos in super high resolution for a totally fun experience! Impress your guests with the huge Touch Screen Mirror! Many people call it Selfie Booth because you can choose your favourite pose before it’s printed as the print is displayed on the screen, unlike a simple Photo Booth. Receptions such as weddings, christenings, store openings, birthdays, corporate parties or events in entertainment centers change form with the magical Mirror Photo Booth and give a dose of glamour to you and your guests!

360 video booth

The new 360 video booth service is here and will impress you. With the 360 video booth device you can create unforgettable videos so that the entertainment of your guests can go to the maximum possible level.

Just step on the specially designed platform and the rotation of the camera produces 360-degree videos.The videos created are unique and the experience of your guests is unforgettable!

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