Magic Mirror and 360 Video Booth – The Secrets to a Magical Event

At Magic Photo, we make every event a unique experience. Whether it’s your wedding reception, christenings, birthdays, store openings or corporate parties, with Magic Mirror Photo Booth and 360 Video Booth your events take off, go beyond the ordinary and redefine the meaning of fun.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth offers an incredible experience with a touch of magic and glamour, while the 360 Video Booth adds a new dimension to the fun, offering an ultimate 360-degree video experience that will captivate every guest.

With the perfect combination of technology and luxury, the Magic Photo Booth and the 360 Video Booth will turn your event into an unforgettable experience that will delight and amaze all attendees.

Make your next event stand out with the magic and luxury of our services.

More than just PHOTOBOOTH

The pleasure of interactivity

At Magic Photo, we turn every selfie into a magical, interactive experience. Our Mirror Booth offers live, animated images accompanied by voice guidance, inviting every guest to be part of the fun. The selfie experience takes off, filling your event with color, fun and special moments.

But we do not stop here. After the photo is taken, you can sign and leave your personal mark on the photo, choosing from a variety of colours and favourite emoticons.

Mirror Booth offers you even more possibilities: create videos or GIFs, upload your creations to social media or share them via email or MMS. Want to add more fun? Choose to play slots, trivia or any other game that excites you and your guests, and make the moments even more special.

At Magic Photo, every photo is a magical experience. Welcome to the magical world of Mirror Booth.


Discover the Magic of the 360 Video Booth


Turn your Moments into Magical Experiences with the 360 Video Booth

At Magic Photo, we bring your memories to life in 360 degrees. Our innovative 360 Video Booth allows you to capture the euphoria, fun and love that fills the room in a stunning, rotating video.

Give your guests the opportunity to relive the unforgettable moments from all angles, feel the same joy again and enjoy the experience from different perspectives. Each spin reveals new moments of laughter, hugs and joy.

The 360 Video Booth offers a new dimension in entertainment. We turn every laugh, every dance, every toast into a magical, 360-degree experience. This is more than a video, it’s a revolution in capturing moments.

At Magic Photo, we turn the video experience into a full-on, spinning adventure. Welcome to the magical world of the 360 Video Booth.

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“My wedding reception turned into an endless game of fun. Thank you so much for the experience you gave us!!!! – VIKI”

“The Magic Mirror Photo Booth gave unique color to my wedding. Thank you so much for your excellent service and responsiveness to our every request!!!! – ANTONIA”