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Magic Photo AR

We would like to proudly introduce our service, Magicphoto Augmented Reality, which redefines the way we perceive fun and experiences at events.

Magicphoto AR is much more than just a photo service. It is the bridge that connects reality and the virtual world, turning every photo into an adventure that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Using the latest augmented reality technology, we can insert virtual characters, objects or scenes directly into the live preview of Mirror Photo Booth.

This means that your visitors will be able to interact with the virtual content before they even take their photo. The special experience is not only that your guests will see themselves interacting with virtual elements, but they will also be able to share that experience through their photo, creating an exciting way to make your event last forever.

What kind of technical support do you offer for the Magicphoto AR service?2023-07-17T17:38:04+03:00

We provide full technical support during the event, including installation, device operation, and assistance to guests during their experience with Magicphoto AR.

What kind of events can support the Magicphoto AR service?2023-07-17T17:37:38+03:00

The service is suitable for a variety of events, such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, exhibitions, etc.

How much does the Magicphoto AR service cost?2023-07-17T17:36:33+03:00

The price of the service depends on the needs of your event. Please contact us for a custom quote.

How do I book the Magicphoto AR service?2023-07-17T17:35:52+03:00

You can contact us by email or phone to book the service for your event.

How long does it take to prepare the Magicphoto AR service?2023-07-17T17:35:00+03:00

For the proper functioning of the service, a period of 4-5 weeks before the date of the first event is needed.

How can visitors get their footage from the event?2023-07-17T17:33:01+03:00

Visitors can receive their photos immediately after taking them, either as a physical print or via email. This gives them the opportunity to take a souvenir photo of the event and share their experience on social media.

Can visitors interact with the virtual elements?2023-07-17T17:32:22+03:00

Yes, visitors can interact with the virtual elements when previewing their photo.

How does the service work in Mirror Photo Booth?2023-07-17T16:10:03+03:00

When previewing their photo, visitors can see and interact with virtual elements through AR technology.

What is Magicphoto Augmented Reality (AR)?2023-07-17T16:08:59+03:00

Magicphoto AR is a service that combines photography with augmented reality (AR) technology to create an interactive and unique experience at your events

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