Magicphoto Virtual Reality

Welcome to our revolutionary service, Magicphoto 360° VR, which offers an unprecedented experience for your guests at any event.

Let’s start by explaining what this service is exactly. Magicphoto 360° VR uses an advanced 360° camera to capture full panoramic view photos and videos. This means that we can capture every corner of the venue, giving your guests the opportunity to live and relive the event experience from an innovative and exciting perspective.

But Magicphoto 360° VR goes far beyond a simple 360° camera. We use an augmented reality platform that allows you to insert virtual objects or company logos directly into your photos and videos. This means you can tailor the VR experience to your event’s needs, making your brand stand out.

The benefits of using Magicphoto 360° VR are many. First of all, it offers your guests a unique experience that they will remember and talk about for a long time. Each photo and video is a delightful surprise waiting to be discovered, as visitors can freely navigate the space and discover new details each time they see the image.

Secondly, Magicphoto 360° VR is a very powerful way to promote your brand. By introducing iconic logos and objects, you can create a customized experience that enhances your brand and makes your event memorable.

In addition, Magicphoto 360° VR is extremely

easy to use. Your visitors simply put on the VR glasses and enjoy the experience. After the event, visitors can receive the photos and videos via email or download them directly from our platform. In addition, if visitors want a printed version, we can produce professional prints in selected layouts.

Magicphoto 360° VR is more than just a photography service. It’s a complete experience that turns any event into a vibrant, interactive environment that will stand out. Discover how Magicphoto 360° VR can transform your next event into an unforgettable experience.