Audio Guest Book

AudioGuest Book

Get ready to experience the magic of AudioGuest Book, the most innovative and unique service that revolutionizes wedding and special events in Thessaloniki. It is a wonderful piece of art, a vintage phone that jumps out of the pages of history, offering an unforgettable experience to your guests.

This special phone is not just a decorative object. It is the gateway to a magical world where every wish, every laugh, every touching memory is captured on an invisible canvas. When your guests pick up the phone, you can hear the couple’s voice greeting them in a personal and warm greeting that invites them to leave their own soundprint.

At the end of the greeting, the characteristic sound invites the guests to express themselves freely, creating a priceless audio document full of love, wishes and memories. Each message recorded is a unique story, a unique narrative that composes the anthem of this special day.

AudioGuest Book is not just a service. It is an experience that combines the elegance of the past with the innovation of today, turning every moment into a precious souvenir that will live in the hearts of everyone forever. Imagine the joy and emotion of the couple as they listen to these messages in the years to come, reliving every word, every wish, every memory of that special day. The AudioGuest Book is the perfect addition to make your event unforgettable, a magical moment that will remain eternally alive in the heart of every guest and couple.

AudioGuest Book Facilities:

With the innovative AudioGuest Book service, your event is transformed into a live audio journey. We offer an impeccably designed experience, starting with the delivery of a luxurious table equipped with a striking vintage telephone set in a vibrant colour that acts as the heart of the AudioGuest Book.

On the side of the device, an elegant floor lamp adds a sense of luxury and warmth, while the floor stand is the canvas where you can display your logo or a personal A4-size message, emphasizing the personal character of your event.

Before the event starts, we adjust the telephone set to play a distinctive welcome message, selected by you, which will be played when you lift the handset. This message is your guests’ first contact with the AudioGuest Book, leading them to leave their own personal audio message.

The recording process is simple, but the experience is unforgettable. After the end of the welcome message, a distinctive tone prompts guests to speak