Mini Mirror Photo booth

Welcome to our Revolutionary Mini Mirror Booth!

Inspired by the latest technology and our great track record in the industry, we introduce our new model, the Mini Mirror Booth, which combines style, functionality and technology in one.

Functions & Functions & Features of Mini Mirror Booth:

  • High Quality Photography: With the Mini Mirror Booth, capture exclusive photos with superb detail and color.
  • Custom Branding: enable your event to stand out with your company logo illuminated on the face of the device, offering a truly stunning effect.
  • Built-in Printer: The printer is built directly into the device, offering fast and fuss-free printing.
  • Easy Sharing: with the Mini Mirror Booth, your guests can instantly share their photos on various social media platforms, offering a modern and interactive experience.

With our experience and track record in the industry, the Mini Mirror Booth is the latest addition to our range, combining the quality, durability and technological innovation we are renowned for.