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magicphoto.gr requests for communication with its users, personal data which are the following:

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The above are used exclusively by the website to communicate with the user or to inform the user about news or offers.

The personal data are entered by the user in the contact form on the page or in the corresponding field of the e-mail address (emai) for newsletter updates. By completing these, the customer expressly declares that he agrees to their use exclusively by magicphoto.gr for communication or information.

magicphoto.gr expressly commits that it does not publish, share or use for any other purpose the data of its users. Data is stored on secure storage media.

The user may at any time request the deletion of his/her data by sending a request to info@magicphoto.gr.

In case of telephone communication with magicphoto.gr, the call is not recorded and not retained.

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